Aborist Helmet Kit

Lightweight and ventilated helmet for professional arborists, approved for work at heights. Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centers the head in the helmet for best balance and stability on the head. Only for work at height - Not approved for forestry ground work. Certified to ANSI: Z89.1-2009 Class C, EN 1731:2006. Type 1
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Light reduction

The light reduction of the visor is only 20% over the whole mesh area, compared to a standard visor with 30%.

Centre fit

Unique harness adjustment with two wheels that centres the head in the helmet for best balance and

Ventilation holes

Gives ventilation comfort for extended periods of use

Light weight

Expanded polystyrene shell and foam inside gives comfort and is light weight

Chin strap

Strap developed for climbing and working at heights

Foam interior

Comfortable and light weight foam inside the helmet makes it easy to wear on long working days.

Light weight

The foam interior and ventilation holes makes the helmet light and well ventilated

Replaceable extra padding

Comes with extra padding that can be fitted depending on head shape for a perfect fit.

Adjustable neckband

The neckband is adjustable to the shape of your head which gives a comfortable fit

Approved according to ANSIZ89.1-2009 Class C
Approved according to EN12492
Noise reduction
NRR24 dB(A)
SNR26 dB(A)
Replaceable liningYes
Weight0.645 kg

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